Well, this just in. The infamous sniderman (well…he’s not really infamous…I just like using the word infamous) will be running The Scourge From Beyond Infinity, the newest (actually, it should be the first) Wizards’ World Adventure. Here’s the full announcement from the Goblinoid Games message board:

I'll be running a game of Wizard's World at Gary Con next March. I ran a poll at my blog asking for a vote on the title of next year's Thundarr the Barbarian adventure. However, the first runner-up was destined to become the title and concept of the Wizard World adventure as well! So the newest Wizard World adventure "The Scourge From Beyond Infinity" will debut at Gary Con! Sign up to play if you'll be there! (And run a Wizard's World game yourself too!)


I mean really, how totally cool is that!!! Hopefully, he’ll make it available soon. Slowly, my friends…slowly the game is growing <insert maniacal laughter here>.