Well, Dungeon Delving Games is finally born in an attempt to grow, and draw attention to, the Wizards’ World RPG being put out by Goblinoid Games. 

 A little background first. For those who might not know me, I’m a great lover of old-school RPGs and a great fan of the OSR. Folks can usually find me hanging at sites and boards geared towards old-school gaming such as Dragonsfoot or Goblinoid Games (known as Skathros, for those who might frequent those places as well).

A while ago Dan Proctor (of Goblinoid Games) made an announcement that he had acquired the rights to Wizards’ World, an RPG from the early 80ies I had never heard of. After reading the tiny blurb posted about the games I decided to purchase a copy out of sheer curiosity. A curiosity, I might add, mostly born out of the fact that Wizards’ World “grew out of" the AD&D rules. When my books arrived (I ordered 2 copies. I ALWAYS order 2 copies. I’m funny that way) I devoured Wizards’ World in one sitting! I was hooked! To me, the game had the same “feel” as AD&D, but with rules that were refreshingly different. I tentatively pitched the game to my 30+ years gaming group who decided to give it a shot (I think it was more to humor me and the passion I exhibited for this new old game). All it took was one game and they were hooked as well.

So, armed with my passion for this new old-school game and the Wizards’ World license (graciously provided by Daniel Proctor), I set out to create Dungeon Delving Games, a vehicle to support and grow the Wizards’ World RPG. Now, whether this little experiment of mine will be successful or not, and whether it will or wont draw added attention to this wonderful RPG, I guess only time will tell.

If nothing else, it should be an interesting ride!

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